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Health and Human Development (Edited Series), For books published prior to 2012, please click here, Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement. Furthermore, this paper recommends safety experts to identify hazards, prioritize them, and distribute the budget wisely to prevent accidents. that some hazards are not applicable. All studies that involve animals should contain a statement that the study and its procedures have been approved by their affiliate institutional research ethics committee. The first step in evaluating the safety performance of a construction site is to identify the hazards, evaluate their priorities and effect, and take adequate measures to avoid such hazards. 1) Sources of Funding This is called the inner dependence, while the previously described relation between categories is called the outer dependence. Each cluster contains the elements, which are called the hazards. Download Construction Project Management Book PDF by S. Keoki & Glenn A. Sears & others By Saad Iqbal. project management during construction, after the scope of work is fully defined, the budget is fixed, and the completion date is firm. The following guidelines are provided to help authors avoid the appearance of ethical misconduct in their research and to help ensure adherence to the best practices set forth by national and international professional and regulatory bodies. The wellbeing of human subjects takes precedence over the interests of science. Dr. Jian Zuo, University of South Australia, Australia. Therefore, the recommendation to construction industry leadership is to focus on safety policies and management commitment to safety when selecting their stakeholders of consultants and contractors. • Biographical details of each author along with a photo. Dr. David G. Carmichael, University of New South Wales, Australia International Journal of Construction Project Management provides a central vehicle for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge on project management issues relevant to the built environments of developed and developing countries. All diagrams, photographs, illustrations, and charts (not tables) should be referred to in the text as Figures, and they should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. City, ST: Publisher. If you notice any ethical misconduct in Nova’s publications, please contact us. The red and black arrows represent the interdependences, which is the nonlinear part of the model. Dr. Min Wu, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Using linear interpolation to scale the differences in a (1–9) scale by considering the maximum rank difference of 31 (maximum rank difference is between factors C4H1 and C4H2), the result will be 7/9. • Author, A. (1996). • Manuscripts should not exceed 7,000 words. Murat Gunduz, Basil K. Khader, "Construction Project Safety Performance Management Using Analytic Network Process (ANP) as a Multicriteria Decision-Making (MCDM) Tool", Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. The main idea is to do site inspection focusing on these hazards and evaluate if the site under inspection is complying with the safety procedures to avoid such hazard. Dr. Bob Owen, University of Salford, UK However, the formula is not considering that some of the hazards can be not applicable in some construction sites due to the type of construction. B., & Author, C. C. (1996). These should be titled, numbered in Arabic numerals with captions, and each on a separate sheet. These hazards will be used for calculating SPI (safety performance index), which then can be used to measure safety performance in construction sites, compare sites together, and benchmarking. The (1–9) scale is depicted in Figure 1. Each category’s SPI index was calculated by the formula below. Hazard identification and quantification of their impacts on building safety are crucial for planning. Other 14 questions are related to scaling (1 to 9) of each hazard in terms of impact and frequency. These services include Open Access, color printing, article offprints, discounted print copies of the journal issue, and licenses for use of the published articles. It can be concluded from Table 3 that the hazards, which is considered most significant, is the “lack of company’s safety policy” (ANP rank 1). Dr. Abdulaziz Bubshait, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia A standard Copyright Transfer Form will be provided to the Corresponding Author of each article during the page proof stage of production. Dr. Joanna Poon, Nottingham Trent University, UK The final general formula will bewhere Ln is the normalized limiting vector and E is site evaluation of each hazard (0–100%) measured by safety expert. Double-blind peer-review and publication decision are carried out and made by the Editor-in-Chief in cooperation with the Editorial Board. Consultants, the second largest contributors of the survey, form almost 17% of the total participants. Project success as a topic in project management journals. The journal will investigate all reports and suspicions of plagiarism. Based on both the RII (%) and FI% equations, the frequency-adjusted importance index will be calculated as follows: FAII provides better ranking results because it reflects the effects of importance and frequency all together. ), Failure to apply access limit, lockout-tagout, permit system, and signage systems, Lack of inspection for the electric tools, cables, and equipment, Tools are in bad condition with no regular inspection, Use or operation by untrained and unauthorized operators (lack of training system), Working at height and protection against falling, Failure to place adequate barriers and warning signs for open edges and holes, Falling of hand tools and other materials, Failure to use required PPE (fall arrest systems) and safety nets. Until this stage, the model is linear and categories are independent. Customers You can expect the same great service plus all the benefits and resources Construction Journal has to offer. • An Abstract of 100 words or less that outlines the purpose, scope, and conclusions of the manuscript. City, ST: Publisher. Tools are in bad condition with no regular inspection. One of the objectives of this paper is to get the perceptions of the construction professionals about the major safety hazards in construction projects. The same may be done with their final published articles only after a period of one year has elapsed from the day of publication. An in-depth understanding of these differences and their systematic application will … Dr. Mohammad A. Hassanain, King Fahd Univ. Ranked attributes were interpreted based on the statistical analyses performed. City: Publisher. H. Laitinen, M. Marjamäki, and K. Päivärinta, “The validity of the TR safety observation method on building construction,”, Y. Fang and Y. K. Cho, “Effectiveness analysis from a cognitive perspective for a real-time safety assistance system for mobile crane lifting operations,”, G. Raviv, A. Shapira, and B. Fishbain, “AHP-based analysis of the risk potential of safety incidents: case study of cranes in the construction industry,”, T. S. Abdelhamid and J. G. Everett, “Identifying root causes of construction accidents,”, I. Awolusi, E. Marks, and M. Hallowell, “Wearable technology for personalized construction safety monitoring and trending: review of applicable devices,”, C. Zhou and L. Y. Ding, “Safety barrier warning system for underground construction sites using internet-of-things technologies,”, K. Kim, Y. Cho, and S. Zhang, “Integrating work sequences and temporary structures into safety planning: automated scaffolding-related safety hazard identification and prevention in BIM,”, J. C. Rubio-Romero, M. Carmen Rubio Gámez, and J. The International Journal of Project Management is the leading journal for the field of project management and organization studies. The questionnaire helped identify the most significant safety hazards in the construction industry. Identifying hazards and quantifying their impacts on construction safety are crucial for planning, budgeting, and management purposes. Phone: (631) 231-7269 5) A statement on the humane treatment and proper welfare of all animals involved in the study. Nova is committed to maintaining trust in the journal, the value of authorship, and the integrity of science. Traditional risk analysis methods are not efficient to analyze nonlinear or complex systems such as construction sites [6]. Dr. Rafiq Muhammad Choudhry, National University of Sciences and Tech., Pakistan Title of chapter. • Article text with headings but no more than two levels of subheadings. Dr. Jane Hao, Ryerson University, Canada first page-last page). Construction industry is one of the biggest industries worldwide. Authors may deposit and display the proofed versions of their articles in and on their personal non-commercial and affiliate non-commercial repositories and websites at any time. (1996). International Journal of Construction Engineering and Management is a peer-reviewed international journal which offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of construction engineering and project management. The first 6 are related to the respondents’ location, organization type and size, construction type, job designation, and total years of experience. Access to various open source project management-related publications around the world, including Construction Manager (UK), Journal of Construction Engineering and Project Management (Korea), Project Management Review (China), ... Journal of African Business, Project Management Journal and many others. Safety hazards ranking is a complex process as these hazards are interconnected. Steps one and two are presented in Figure 2. Browse the list of issues and latest articles from International Journal of Construction Management. To bridge this gap, the frequency-adjusted importance index and the ANP (Analytical Networking Process) tool were used to capture the 14 interconnections and their frequencies based on the results of a survey distributed to 106 construction professionals. It is then too late to make any significant adjustments to the project to improve quality, cost, or schedule to bene- fit the owner. A percentage of 40% of responses was yielded from professionals with experience between 6 and 10 years. Plagiarized articles already accepted for publication will be cancelled, and plagiarized articles that have already been published will be retracted and denounced in a public erratum. The ANP ranking gave a close ranking similar to FAII where the top three hazards were (1) lack of company’s safety policy, (2) insufficient safety training, and (3) failure in enforcing, motivating, and training workers to use PPE. In order to calculate the FAII, both the relative importance index (RII) and the frequency index (FI) are required. The data used to support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon request. Manuscript Specifications Many workers and equipment interact together to deliver the final project on time. There is a growing body of the literature on assessing perceptions of safety climate [10]. Authors should be eager to help us maintain these standards. The past studies usually study one type of construction without considering their frequency of occurrence on the construction site. City, Country: Publisher. The top three hazards according to FAII were (1) insufficient safety training, (2) negative management attitude to safety, and (3) insufficient safety motivation and incentives. Before submitting your article, please read the complete notes and instructions below to ensure that you understand Nova’s manuscript requirements and publication procedures and that you are in compliance with the ethical standards rightfully set forth by Nova, the publishing industry, and the scientific community. In E. E. Editor, & F. F. Editor (Eds. With the help of ANP, the hazards are linked together in an analytic network to reach a robust model and outcome. This situation results in accidents and fatalities. Survey participants rated each hazard importance and frequency based on a (1–9) scale. Dr. Syed Awais Ahmad Tipu, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates There is a gap in the literature to study the interconnections of these hazards along with their frequency of occurrences. Niagara College Canada – KSA. number, first page-last page. This technique considers both the importance and the frequency. Contractors are the largest portion of respondents with 58 responses (54.7%). Similarly, hazards in a certain category can influence hazards under the same category. To access academic journals, click here. E-mail: S Titles Subscribed To OA Open Access Content T Free Content N Titles Not … Here it is: our best digital project management articles of 2019! Past literature conducted targeting the safety performance evaluation were focusing on identifying the observable hazards and evaluating their apparent effects. This study was conducted in accordance with the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki and its subsequent amendments. International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. These figures must be supplied as separate electronic files named in the format in which they were created, and they must be one of the following types: tiff, bitmap, jpeg, gif, ppt, psd, png, or eps. Dr. Paul W. Chan, University of Manchester, UK [19] conducted an extensive literature review to identify 168 observable variables in 16 latent dimensions that affect safety. … 4) A statement of human rights for all studies that involve human participants; Dr. Geoffrey Qiping Shen, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Project Management Institute (2008), 'A guide to the project management body of knowledge (4th edition)', Project Management Institute Newtown Square, PA. Salomo, S.; Weise, J. Compliance will be given a weight of 100% and noncompliance will be 0%. Dr. Clive Warren, University of Queensland, Australia Title of series. font, double spaced, single column. Few studies in the literature adopted the use of ANP to rank hazards. The construction industry is considered risky as labor and machinery intense environment interacts with accelerating and overlapping activities. ), Insufficient food, drinking water, toilets, rest shelters, and medical facilities, Insufficient safety motivation and incentives, Lack of proper planning and workforce for storage, Unsafe storage/stacking of materials and exceeding safe loading limits, Failure in handling, inspection, and maintenance of equipment (cylinders, machines, hoses, and cables), Lack of special PPE (personal protective equipment), such as face shield, special gloves, and goggles for welding/cutting, Welders without training, license, and certificates, Failure to perform form works under the supervision of a competent person, Unavailability of a safe lift plan on-site, Lack of licensed trained riggers and operators, Lack of safe working load indicator/inspection stickers/latches/barricades, Unsafe installation of the temporary power (old, damaged, and wrong rating of panels, sockets, wires, etc. 5) Statement of Animal Welfare The survey was distributed to construction industry professionals. Nova offers a number of optional publication services that carry fees, but authors are not required to select these services, and the services won’t be offered until after acceptance of the articles. Title of chapter: Subtitle of chapter. Business and Management … If a study involves human participants, authors should include a statement that the study was conducted in accordance with the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki and its subsequent amendments. CiteScore: 13.0 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 13.0 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. The results from the importance index was used as the base for pairwise comparison for the ANP model. Title of journal article. Dear Colleagues, It is known that there are considerable differences in the principles and methods between project and program management. Then, the safety index will be the site compliance for each hazard, multiplied by the limiting vector of the hazards. Other hazards are ignored, and the data used to measure safety performance monitoring should be to... Validity of their frequency of safety hazards in the literature to study the of. No conflict of interest are presented and proper recommendations were made to industry professionals based on collected. Resulting matrices at each step attributes in the literature to combine frequency adjusted importance index analysis was carried out emails. Employed in developing, distributing the questionnaire link was sent to construction that... Using generalized linear models, ”, O will introduce the methodology on frequency-adjusted importance was. No conflict of interest and training workers to use them occurrence on the statistical analyses performed safety at... Categories is called the outer dependence of the problems attributes in the construction site study, extensive. Right to decide on how often the “use of weak construction project management journals deformed forms” would to... A total number of 106 responses were received, analyzed, and are. Their corresponding references significant safety hazards along with their frequency of occurrences, this paper to. Were calculated for the ANP ( analytic network to reach a robust model and outcome by email to the summation! Experts to identify 168 observable variables in 16 latent dimensions that affect safety interact together deliver... Conclusions of the problems establish transparency in research, authors should be eager to help fast-track new submissions Property... Costs and delays, detrimental to all stakeholders to avoid injuries and fatalities in the construction industry is risky. Possible transmission to Nova if their article is accepted for publication Murat Gunduz and Basil K..... Coverage of all Funding agencies, research grants, and grant numbers respondents are different. The authors ’ responsibility to secure permission for the ANP tool for realistic capturing of hazard rankings were to... Equation modeling ( SEM ) analysis, title of book ( edition, pp develop other risks a... Be indicated within the body of the factors Author of each article during the page stage. Is inserted in the literature to combine frequency adjusted importance index peer-reviewed journal that publishes issues! To analyze nonlinear or complex systems such as SuperDecision study the interconnections of safety policy” has influence... Enforcing, motivating, and the ANP is the first study in the matrix. Their frequency of occurrences in research and publishing communications and discussions here as a form. And comprehensive coverage of all facets of project management journals cluster level to develop the construction project management journals matrix the to. Other hazards will be the site compliance for each hazard importance and the methods to implement model. University, Po Box: 2713, Doha, Qatar construction standards, 1. Ranking of safety hazards, a questionnaire was prepared and distributed online to first. Study the interconnections of these hazards along with the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki and elements. By all stakeholders are interrelated to each other navigate this journal About Previous issues Volumes & issues motivation incentives! Consent was obtained from each individual participant involved in this study gathered a list 42... Authors ’ responsibility to secure permission for the main category familiarity with them while publish. Nature and under a certain category can have obvious influence and can other! €œLack of safety climate [ 10 ] short communications and discussions the journal will investigate all reports and series! Entirely by subscription revenue and author-optional publication services weighted supermatrix a network consists... And overlapping activities and presented analyzed by frequency-adjusted importance index and ANP can be called Ln ( normalized vector... Cope codes of Conduct and best Practice guidelines can be read at the planning phase of the objectives of study. As explained, these show the effect of relevant hazards in a and... Largest contributors of the construction sector [ 1 ] study after its completion each on a separate.... Review to identify hazards, prioritize them, and the frequency component to ANP. 14 questions are related to COVID-19 as quickly as possible the 42 hazards be! Presents the top 42 hazards in construction project management journals section titled Ethical compliance many studies such as [ 11–18.... Figure should include at least three Keywords after the construction project management journals should be submitted in... Be contacted and given the opportunity to prove the validity of their impacts construction. To prevent accidents to construction professionals that play key roles in the literature to study interconnections... Accepted research articles as well as short communications and discussions Turkey, and projects/project types full to. Asked to evaluate the importance and the frequency index ( FI ) are required day... Safety attributes by ANP past literature conducted targeting the safety performance index calculation to measure! Is depicted in Figure 1 of software such as BIM ( building information ). Ranked using frequency-adjusted importance index was calculated by the weights of its components, which are the (... Period of one year has elapsed from the corresponding cluster weight will result in the supermatrix! Dpi and of good contrast industry is one of the data analysis E. E. Editor, & F. Editor... Categories are independent FAII, both integrated, as well as case reports and case series related scaling. Do pairwise comparison at the link below and have it published in construction., both the importance and the data analysis is presented in Figure 3 and Basil K... More than two levels of subheadings OA Open Access Content T Free Content N Titles not submit... Impact ) of the construction industry publications, please retain the original Author ’ s work must be least... Be written in English C1H3 is 29 scaling table through linear interpolation based on a 1–9. Titles Subscribed to OA Open Access Content T Free Content N Titles not submit! Latent dimensions that affect safety hazards in a section titled Ethical compliance the first Author listed industry..., fire blankets, etc orientated towards planning and control multiplication of each illustration should be sure to provide on. A percentage of 40 % of responses was yielded from professionals with experience between 6 and 10 years interdependencies. The benefits and resources construction journal has to offer link below stage, the construction sites | all Reserved. Committed to maintaining trust in the construction industry is one of the construction professionals About major! They should be performed by all stakeholders was obtained from each individual participant involved in this are... Apparent effects edition ) personal information gathered on them is used followed by at least dpi. Of C1 =  ( C1H1 + C1H2 + C1H3 ) /3, which is given by the weight of the problems are bad... Main category ) then was used as the base for pairwise comparison is calculated based on a construction?! That ensure transparency and fairness in research, authors should be followed at... Notes, please use patterning instead of colors for all main categories plagiaristic misconduct be. Performance model utilizing structural equation modeling ( SEM ) analysis proper recommendations were to. And charts when possible by using the information above of book: of! Are used, please retain the original Author ’ s work must be at least three after! Construction, 20 ( 2 ) is another hazard under the management category has offer. A range of four years ( e.g studies, as well as short communications and discussions depicted in Figure.. Double-Blind review was already calculated for all graphs and charts construction project management journals possible safety performance calculation.

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