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It was formed in 1962 out of the four former colonies Pondicherry (now Puducherry), Karaikal, Yanam, and Mahe. The Culture of Pondicherry dates back to many years. There are lots of places to visit in Pondicherry where you can have your fill of history and culture. Peoples cultural heritage and festivals, quick facts on Pondicherry. Pondicherry which has seen the long rule of the French boasts of having a distinct culture. The trade included dyed textiles, pottery and semi-precious stones. The French culture and Indian culture can be enjoyed with the perfect balance. Pondicherry or Puducherry (also known as Pondy) is one of the most charming and fascinating tourist places in South India. Puducherry is well known for Shri Aruobindo and his Ashram. Their This centre is the ideal … With a population of almost 657,209, Pondicherry or more famously known as Puducherry is one of the seven union territories of the country and a mesmerising city surrounded by the town of Tamil Nadu state. Indian food dishes. People of Pondicherry enjoy their life very much with the great celebration of many festivals and lives high social life. The union territory of Pondicherry is also known by many as the French colony in India. Skip to content. The culture of Pondicherry is very colorful and vibrant. The French influence lingers in every corner of Pondicherry which is visible in architecture and culture … Call 1860-500-5566 & know about Pondicherry food and culture of Pondicherry. The history and culture of Pondicherry is an intriguing one indeed! You have loads of interesting facts to know about the language, food and tradition of the Pondicherry. Read about culture and festivals in Pondicherry. Nowhere is the cultural mix more tangible than the in the vibrant community lifestyle of townships such as White Town in Pondicherry.Walking its bustling streets and markets or enjoying its lively bars and the occasional brioches or crepes, it's easy to become immersed in this exciting potpourri of culture. The French rule has left their cultural legacy in The city is located in the Pondicherry district on the southeast coast of India, and is surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu with which it shares most of its culture and language. 60).G.W.B. Walking its bustling streets and markets or enjoying its lively bars and the occasional brioches or crepes, it's easy to become immersed in this exciting potpourri of culture. Architectural Style of Buildings. It is also a lot cleaner than other beaches in the region. Culture of Pondicherry . Learn more about Puducherry in this article. The known history of Puducherry dates back to the beginning of our era. Puducherry, union territory of India. Along with many French dishes Pondicherry also serves delicious south Pondicherry has its roots vested within the French colonialists' culture, with the colonial villas and the consulate of France in Pondicherry. The impact of French culture on the architectural older buildings is quite obvious. Cultural Places in Pondicherry: Travel Guide - Get information on famous & tourism Cultural Places in Pondicherry. French influence clearly reflects in the society and culture of Puducherry. EVENTS; COVID-19; ABOUT US; Search for: I Love Pondicherry | A Franco-Tamil Culture Selva 2020-07-30T10:28:04+05:30. Pondicherry (/ p ɒ n d ɪ ˈ tʃ ɛr i /), officially known as Puducherry (/ p ʊ d ʊ ˈ tʃ ɛr i /), is the capital and the most populous city of the Indian Union Territory of Puducherry. Met de Pondicherry (Alteration Of Name) Act van 13 september 2006 werden zowel de stad als het unieterritorium officieel hernoemd naar respectievelijk Puducherry (Engels) en Poudouchéry (Frans). Pondicherry culture and tradition, Pondicherry is a home to people from different parts of the state and as well as people come from far of other countries, but mostly the aboriginal people are of Tamil origin. Deze naamsverandering hangt samen met een reeks hernoemingen van andere Indiase steden, waarbij de koloniale naam vervangen wordt (zoals de verandering van Bombay in Mumbai of Madras in … Clear Car Rental Official Blog-, Pondicherry which has seen the long rule of the French boasts People of, CEO Mr.Sachin Kate has been featured on India Today, Clear Car Rental Featured on Online Platform. Sita Cultural Center Overview. Culture, Arts & Crafts of Pondicherry The best way that can depict the culture and heritage of any place is probably the handicrafts which hold a distinctive mark of the tradition & culture and when it is about Pondicherry, the Union Territory has a lot to offer to the tourists. Known for its golden sands and popular resorts such as Tanto, this beach is extremely popular among foreign tourists. of having a distinct culture. Book Pondicherry Hotels Book Pondicherry Holiday Packages. During the French rule many people had opted for citizenship of France. the form of many buildings and churches which are marked by their European Seaside Pondicherry, with its pervasive French heritage, is a place that's best leisurely experienced. Tamil peoples are indigenous inhabitants of Pondicherry. There are a lot of attractions in Pondicherry, and amongst all of them, Auroville is one of the most frequented attractions. Most of the restaurants offer delicious French food along with local Indian dishes. So, you can experience French culture here. Come, discover and practice Arts! architectural style. The territory’s capital is the city of Puducherry in the Puducherry sector, just north of Cuddalore. decedents still continue to have close ties with France. Huntingford identified this as possibly being Arikamedu (now part of Ariyankuppam), located about 2 miles (3.2 km) from the modern city of Pondicherry.Puducherry was apparently an important destination for Roman trade with India. It is synonyms with the culture of Portuguese, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The society released the book under the name of “Poduke-Bandikere- Puducherri- Pondicherry,’ Readings into the History and Culture of French and Indian Pondicherry.” Search for: HOME; PLACES TO GO. Stroll through the streets of the French Quarter and along the Promenade, sit in the cafes, browse through the boutiques, and soak up the ambiance. French people lived here before independence. A direct consequence of the exposure to so much diversity has been a secular attitude that is characteristic of the native of Pondicherry. Since this small town was a French colony for over 250 years and even post the Indian independence until the year 1962 and as a result of that, the French culture and influence is very much still alive in the French heritage section of the town. Pondicherry is "The Indian Côte d'Azur" and "The Riviera of the East", ... "The pressure on the cultural heritage is immense," he told me. Sita Cultural Center, also known as the South Indian Traditional Arts Society (SITA society), is the focal point of Indian culture in Pondicherry. Language and religions. Updated with Geography, history, government, economy, travel info, food, festivals, dance & music, art & culture of Pondicherry The indigenous people of Pondicherry is of Tamil origin but Pondicherry is home to a whole host of people from different Indian states as well as from European countries. Find out all about Pondicherry's vibrant food scene, local brands, art, heritage, culture , people and updates on Pondylive The Pondicherry University Beach in Kalapet is the northern-most beach in Pondicherry, and one of the least commercialised and secluded beaches in the Union Territory. Either you live in Pondicherry or you just come for a few days trip, you will definitely find a class which suits you. The Creole food that developed in Pondicherry began to adopt Tamil components like kombu turmeric, freshly caught fish, brinjal and broad beans, and began serving it a minimalistic manner like the French method of presentation. Puducherry also had a flourishing maritime history. Through our exhaustive list of local events, original stories and videos , we help locals and travellers discover new experiences and events that Pondicherry has to offer. Perhaps it is this powerful harmony in Pondicherry's ethnic diversity that made it the heart of, -- Read more: The union territory of Pondicherry is a wonderful place, which showcases beautiful landscape, very pleasant weather and a fantastic culture that is the result of social and cultural … Social and Cultural Facts about Puducherry. Nowhere is the cultural mix more tangible than the in the vibrant community lifestyle of townships such as, . The Largest Online Community-Driven Platform for Pondicherry. With a resident population that is truly multi-national and multi-ethnic, Pondicherry’s culture is a cosmopolitan one with strong ties to the indigenous culture of the region. The history and culture of Pondicherry are one of its kinds, and visiting this place can give you excellent travel experience. Some of the most interesting places to see in Pondicherry in this genre include forts, monuments, museums, and archaeological sites. Sita cultural centre welcomes you in the midst of Pondicherry to discover through various classes and workshops the arts and culture with a specific emphasis on South Indian Arts.Come to discover and have fun! Pondicherry is also one of the best party hubs as the nightlife here is fantastic. We also offer guidance to tourists. Sita Cultural Center: Great way to learn about the people and culture of Pondicherry - See 153 traveler reviews, 50 candid photos, and great deals for Pondicherry, India, at Tripadvisor. The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea, of the 1st century, mentions a marketplace named Poduke or Poduca (ch. 66, pappamal Koil Street, Vaithikuppam, Pondicherry - 605012 Cellphone: +91 978669825 Website: An exclusive space for cultural exchange Van Cleef Hall or VCH promotes art, culture and artists of Pondicherry and neighboring villages by providing a … Subscribe to receive the latest updates about Pondy. We're glad to offer you various activities: Yoga and dance, Pondy Cycle Tour, Indian cooking class, Kolam and Mehendi, Pilates, massages… Our teachers are able to give class in French or in English. While taking in the sights, don't overlook these cultural things to do in Pondicherry. The French influence lingers on even half a century after their departure it can be seen in the architecture and culture of Pondicherry down to the red ‘kepi’ worn by the local policemen. - Copyright © var creditsyear = new Date();document.write(creditsyear.getFullYear()); To know about the Pondicherry Culture and plan a trip, visit THINGS TO DO. The patrons of Pondicherry’s cafes began trying new dishes and this encouraged an appreciation of French culture. Tamil peoples are indigenous inhabitants of Pondicherry. Excavations at Arikamedu, about 7 kms south of the Pondicherry town, show that Romans came here to trade in the 1st Century AD. taste. Many people in, Cuisines of Pondicherry are also influenced by the French Pondicherry information. Culture of Pondicherry. Sita Cultural centre welcomes you in Pondicherry to discover Indian and western traditions. The French rule has left their cultural legacy in the form of many buildings and churches which are marked by their European architectural style. Languages in Pondicherry are the mirror of union territory which reflects the image of social and cultural lifestyle of Pondicherry people.

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