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KZ ZST Pro In-Ear Headphones Review. I reached out to several owners. KZ-ZST’s shown well with The Eagles, Adele, Taylor Swift, and even some Skrillex dub-step. What wonderful balance with a very present but controlled low end and perfect clarity without being shrill. Specfications are not avilable for this product. When the KZ ZSN IEM came out, many reviewers including myself, immediately put it at the top of Knowledge Zenith earphone lineup.It improved upon the KZ … The Zsn began its … I must've had at least a dozen comments raving about them. Important tips regarding these earphones. Disclaimer: I was sent the KZ Zsn Pro by Kinboofi for review. Don't know what to say they sound really expensive but the key is to buy comply ear tips to make that seal and the best part I only paid $19.99 . They fit in my ears just fine. In today’s review, we’re looking at the KZ ZSN Pro, a hybrid IEM with one balanced armature driver and one dynamic driver. There is no presence of sibilance. It was very … Related product. Facebook Twitter … The ZSR are KZ's latest offering to us budget audio enthusiasts. Be the first to write a review. As soon as I received the IEMs I wanted to quickly try them without powering up and feeding through my system. It’s the successor to the KZ ZST which was the first KZ hybrid, and one that turned out to be a huge … The KZ ZST are sensational earbuds for their price under $20. KZ ZST was Knowledge Zenith's first hybrid model and one of the company's best when it comes to neutral sound packed into a V-signature. KZ ZS3 – plays the low end a lot better than the ZST as it is punchier and deeper. (Hey KZ Fans: Check out our review of the new KZ ZSX Terminator!It’s probably the best KZ IEM out right now!). This makes the cable entirely more tangle prone than it should be and would be easily cured by moving the splitter about 8 inches further up the cable toward the earpieces. Don't know what else to say I have to give them 5 stars for sound and for me the fit is really good but I have big ears buy these you won't regret it nor the price. The kz zsn pro mids have a bit of mid-bass bleed, yet it is still alive. That said, the treble of the ZSN is more uneven. The cable is detachable with a bi-pin connector and made of the classic KZ style of rubbery cable, practically identical to the KZ ATE, KZ ED12, KZ ZS2. Knowledge Zenith which is more infamous as “KZ” has been the king of sub 1000 php ($20) IEMs in the Philippines for at least 2 years. They sound fantastic! According to reports from users, this setup introduces noticeable sibilance to the sound. Concluding the Easy KZ ZST review with few words. Third Parties Disclosure   All product names, company names and logos are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. NOTE: This review discusses "ZS5 v1", with a single BA in the nozzle and the other one inside the housing. I purchased it because I am an amateur guitar player and singer who uses earbuds on stage. Nice tight bass, smooth (not dull) mids, and clear highs. No matter it is bassy or classical, you can literally enjoy every music genre. I couldn't believe this kind of tone could come from $20 earphones. They weren't simply using them casually. They really aren't too large. … They are heavier than the ED12, most probably because of the presence of the balanced armature inside but the extra weight does not generate fatigue to the ears. For the cost of these KZ-ZST… They are slightly V-Shaped with a boost to the lows a back from center midrange and … The level of sound isolation that you get from them is on-par with the KZ ZS2. I found them great for pop, southern rock, hip-pop, and rap. Greetings! Legal Information | Privacy Policy | Cookies. We hope you enjoyed this article. Well they were right. Apple®, iPod®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of these marks and any other third-party trademarks are for identification purposes only and does not imply endorsement or affiliation. Music lovers probably can’t remember any time ever, when it has been cheaper to buy earphones and in-ear monitors. The ZST respond exceptionally to eq of bass frequencies but it cannot be said the same to their response to equalization on the mid and high frequencies. KZ ZST X Review Fun and exciting listen Best kz iem I have ever heard, replaces my fav kz zsr V shaped sound signature Slightly bright but not sibilant Bass that hits and sounds good Mids … Plugging them to a Fiio E12 set to high gain and bass boost On, the KZ ZST were able to handle around 48% of the maximum power and give back a sub-bass impact absolutely basshead worthy. I cannot say enough about these remarkable headphones. Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2019. Other iterations of the ZST label include the ZST and the KST Pro. For all budget conscious people, these should be among your top choices. KZ ZST Pro Review: I'm SO Done With Lo-Fi Earphones We Pinoys love anything with BUDGET attached to something and of course when it comes to gadgets it is more than welcome to be a part of … Wow, what excellent sound is reproduced by these earphones! The KZ ZSN have a deep, powerful, and consistent bass, and a well-balanced mid-range, but their treble performance is very uneven, lacking detail and overly sharp on some S and T sounds. The inclusion of two extra pairs of silicone tips in different sizes helps people with different ear shapes to accommodate the KZ ZST … Very good sound stage. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Ashley King. Okay the cons, cables are hard to figure out as far as what goes left and right and to get the fit right it takes a little time that's why I recommend the comply ear tips. The Upgraded Version of the Legend - KZ ZST. All in all, I'm very pleased with this product and I expect to buy many more, especially because they are $20 bucks. They are easily comparable with products that cost 5 to 10 times as much as these do. Disclaimer : The KZ ZS5 was sent to us by, a Vietnamese store, in exchange of this review.The current price is 25$. MORE: KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST COLORFUL REVIEW, MORE: In-Ear Headphones Weight Comparison. Specfications are not avilable for this product. The KZ ZST has an exceptional design with features of many high end brands The KZ ZST has an exceptional design with features of many high end brands and models, like detachable … I found out about them in music forums where many folks play live on stage with in-ears. The Company. The ZS6, on the other hand, simply sounds about right for something competing in the $50 market. Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2019. KZ also seems to have recognized this and told themselves why not fall back on tried and tested solutions and try to optimize them. They are not terrible in this matter but they are not the best either. Lenovo HE05 Neckband Wireless Earphones BDT 650.0. KZ ZS3 (Review) 4 years ago. KZ ZST has accumulated quite good feedback from customers. This fact also makes the mids shine a bit better compared to ZS3/ED12. With my amazon card discount $11 the cable is nothing great very sticky so I ordered the upgrade cable they have, I've also ordered the 8 driver set that's how much these blew me away and these are only 2 drivers in each ear. It had a fantastic build quality, using a metal faceplate and transparent resin body. By providing exhaustive information we allow our readers to even fine-tune their choices to select among the best budget earphones, best earphones for sports, best basshead earphones, best fun sounding earphones, most balanced earphones, least fatiguing earphones, most comfortable earphones, best looking earphones or even for the best cheap earphones to buy. Disclaimer: This review is based upon a sample unit provided to me by a manufacturer or distributor in exchange for my honest … If anyway you decide to do so, we cannot be held responsible of the damage done to your equipment. Our resources offer: In-Depth Earphones Reviews, Earphones Scores Compared, an Earphones Size Comparison Tool, a sound frequency cheat-sheet, an Earphones Amplification Comparison Table, a brief audio glossary with the most frequent audio terms and audio definitions, and our Earphones Top Charts (covering the Top 10 Basshead Earphones, Best Bang for Buck Earphones, Top Sports Earphones, Best KZ earphones, Best bang for buck KZ earphones, Best basshead KZ earphones, Best KZ earphones for bass, Best KZ earphones for gaming, Best KZ earphones for sleeping, Best KZ earphones for working out, Best KZ earphones under $20, Best KZ earphones under $50, Best smallest KZ earphones, Top Balanced Earphones, Top Fun Sound Earphones, top smooth sounding earphones), Best Xiaomi Headphones, Best Xiaomi Earphones for Bass, Best Xiaomi Headphones under $50, Best Xiaomi Headphones under $20, The Best Xiaomi Wireless Headphones, Best Bang for Buck Xiaomi Headphones, Best 11.11 Deals and Coupons – Aliexpress – Gearbest – Banggood, Black Friday Coupons and Deals, Aliexpress Anniversary Sale Coupons and Deals, Cyber Monday Coupons and Discounts, Black Friday Coupons Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood, Amazon Coupons Discounts Deals Promo Codes Sales, ALIEXPRESS Coupons and Promo Codes – Exclusive Discounts, Photographs Copyright All photographs published in this review/article are protected by copyright laws; the use, reuse, publication, modification and/or copy of them is strictly prohibited and legally penalized unless a written permission has been emitted by The KZ ZST has an exceptional design with features of many high end brands and models, like detachable cables and hybrid drivers in just a fraction of the price of them. These modifications sometimes are minor and do not affect the performance of the earphones but sometimes the changes compromise their sound and could lead to noticeable audio differences between the different versions. Official image from Knowledge Zenith of the different KZ ZST and KZ ZST Pro models and their correct naming, We hope you enjoyed this article. 13,828 Views. Regular, wired earbuds with in-line remote and simple remote control might not look revolutionary but consider their great audio quality for the price and you get a bargain. KZ ZST has accumulated quite good feedback from customers. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. No review available. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. 2:52 AM Budget Hi-Fi Earphones, Hi-Fi Audio Devices, Hi-Fi Earphones, KZ ZST Pro, KZ ZST Pro Review, Reviews, Tech, Tech News, Tech Review, Unboxing, Unboxing Video, video, We Pinoys love anything with BUDGET attached to something and of course when it comes to gadgets it is more than welcome to be a part of the … KZ firstly released a “carbon fiber like” design and afterwards introduced a new blue-purple colourful version introduced as KZ ZST PRO or KZ ZST Colorful; you can read the review of the KZ ZST PRO / Colorful here: KZ ZST PRO / KZ ZST COLORFUL REVIEW. About Knowledge Zenith. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. The ZST are part of the new generation of KZ models which are meant to be worn with the cable above and around the ears, for people that are not used to this fitting method they will find it awkward at first but after getting used to it you will appreciate the comfort and fit. Best 11.11 Deals and Coupons – Aliexpress – Gearbest – Banggood, Aliexpress Anniversary Sale Coupons and Deals, Black Friday Coupons Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood, Amazon Coupons Discounts Deals Promo Codes Sales, ALIEXPRESS Coupons and Promo Codes – Exclusive Discounts, Xiaomi Mi Pro HD / Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD – Review, Best Bang for the Buck Headphones Earphones, Best Least Fatiguing Headphones Earphones, Best In-Ear Headphones for Flight Travelling, Reviews Headphones – DAC – AMP – DAP – Music Players – Speakers – Cables, Hybrid / Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver. Inside the box you get 3 eartips and the detachable bi-pin cable. Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2017. These took a little getting used to. ....Simply unmatched at $20! The KZ ZST X is the latest iteration of the KZ ZST. KZ ZST Review in India 2020 Colorful Hybrid Balance Armature with Dynamic In-ear Earphone 1BA+1DD HiFi Headset (Colorful ZST MIC) Lastly, we averaged out all of their review data to compare them to their competitors. In fact not only did he turn up the KZ ZS10 but he also brought me 15 other earphones to test during my stay. The cable is the same bronze-colored version included with the newest KZ headphones (AS12, AS16, ZSN, ZSN Pro, ZS10 Pro, and ZST Pro). I was disappointed the moment I put them in as they were thin and lacked the low end everyone raved about. The Zst was a pit of a recess and then climbed rapidly from 1.5kHz to 2.5kHz or so where it plateaued. Be the first to write a review. I came across Yinyoo KZ ZS that cost $18.99, I figured I’d give them a try. MORE: Earphones Amplification Power Comparison, SEE ALSO: Best Fun Sounding Earphones Chart. The cable is the same bronze-colored version included with the newest KZ headphones (AS12, AS16, ZSN, ZSN Pro, ZS10 Pro, and ZST Pro). But to understand where we are now (the ZSN Pro), we need to look at where we came from (the ZST and ZSN non-Pro).

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